Queen Bee Organic Skin Care

Flower power to nourish your skin & spirit.

In addition to the line of Queen Bee Organic Skin Care products, our formulator and “Queenie” Lynne is a master esthetican and an expert in formulating and product development in the organic vegan skin care market. She has consulted and created skin care products for two CBD manufacturers in addition to created the full Queen Bee 80 sku product line. November 2018, we created and began manufacturing Linda Parelli’s Natural Skincare line. You can learn more about this project at www.LindaNaturalSkincare.com.

We have been working on our line of botanical skin care products for more than 15 years now. We care just as much now as the day we started. We want you happy, healthy and in love with the way you feel when you use or products!
— Lynne aka Queenie

The Idea

Back in the day, Queenie started by making simple bath and body products.  She began paying more attention to the harmful chemicals added by most big skin care companies and decided that clean, organic botanical products were important.  So important, that she started teaching classes to women encouraging them to read the labels and hoping to create consumer awareness and practice careful shopping.  15 years later and organic skin care is still a tiny fraction of the overall skin care consumer market, but growing.

All these years later, we produce a full line of vegan, chemical free, synthetic free, organically sourced facial skin care products designed to nourish your skin & spirit.



We work hard to insure that each bottle we ship is filled with the best quality ingredients from around the world.  We pay attention to not only the ingredient, but the way that ingredient is refined, heated, pressed etc.  We do this to ensure that all the vitamin content and healing benefits are in full effect inside our products.  We hope you can feel and smell the difference.

Everything we make comes with a 100% happiness guarantee.  We want you to love using them as much as we love making them.

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100% Handmade

In the little town of Pagosa Springs, you will find Queenie working away making each batch of products by hand at the beehive.  We have a team of worker bees that help get everything bottled, labeled, packaged perfectly and shipped fresh to your door.

Buying from us directly helps ensure that each product was freshly made and it helps us to continue to thrive doing what we love in our quaint home town.